Befriend You

Sunday  17 February  2019  4:00 PM    Sunday  24 February  2019 6:00 PM
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Last update 25/02/2019

This three-session series is focused on your most important relationship in life-YOU!

The process of becoming your own best friend, the use of self-compassion, and how to shift self-limiting to beliefs to self-empowerment will be explored.

Using a variety of exercises and meaningful dialogue, you will have the opportunity to connect as well as reflect inwards during these engaging sessions. All you’ll need is a journal and perhaps a yoga mat if you prefer to experience any guided meditations laying down as opposed to sitting in a chair.

The format for each session includes:
• Opening check in
• Psychoeducation and discussion
• Facilitated hot seat work (a Gestalt therapy technique where I will work with an individual volunteer in front of the group increasing connection and self-awareness with self and others)
• Creative exercise
• Closing circle


$130 for all three sessions (attendance at all three is highly recommended to create a safe container for this important and meaningful work)


Contact Carrie Sensenich, LCSW, CHT who will be facilitating this series. Carrie is a psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience as well as a Certified Gestalt Therapist.

Call 484-340-9586 or email 

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