Barn Sale - A life, one trinket at a time.

Thursday  21 September  2017  7:30 PM    Thursday  21 September  2017 9:30 PM
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Thursday, September 21, 7:30pm
Equity Staged Reading of a New Work

A biographical story of a gifted, mature actress whose life spans decades of real history, from her youth during the Depression through the turn of the 21st century. Marriage, children, divorce and rebirth of the dream of being an actress bring her to the act of reminiscing as she attempts to put prices on the pieces of her life as she plans for a Barn Sale. Filled with humor and pathos, we travel with her as she plans a significant life change, while reminiscing certain episodes in her past. Based on the life of the mother of one of Black Box Lab’s founders and producers, Patricia Peterson Jamison. Written by award-winning Director of Zeitgeist Stage, David Miller. Directed by Myriam Cyr.
Donna Sorbello (AEA)
Bill Mootos (AEA)
Kristina Stevick

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Check out our video montage of some moments in the characters real life:

Join us for a weekend of extraordinary performances that present a meditation on culture: the connection between the past, present and future. Extraordinary, award-winning Boston Equity actresses headline each production in back-to-back lead roles that represent extraordinary lives. One, a biographical story spanning decades of real history. The other, a reprise of the Tony Kushner play that was presented to rave reviews in Boston.

Black Box Lab at Stage284
284 Bay Road, Hamilton, MA

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Saturday, Sept. 32 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm
Sunday, Sept. 24 4:00 pm
Equity Production

Holding only an outdated guidebook of Kabul, an eccentric and agoraphobic British housewife proclaims her unconsummated passion for the world. She grapples with the rich and turbulent history of Afghanistan, muses about living in the Middle East, confides to us her desire to divorce herself from the complacency of her safe life in London. Premiering shortly after 9/11, Tony Kushner’s prescience was praised, as was Homebody’s warm invocation of hope in an increasingly chilling, negative world.

Performed by Award-winning Boston Equity Actress and Founder of the Underground Railroad Theater , Debra Wise. Directed by Award-winning Artistic Director of the Nora Stage Theaer, Lee Mikeska Gardner.

As Don Aucoin at the Boston Globe commented on this same production: "Directed by Lee Mikeska Gardner and set in 1998, “Homebody’’ is an eloquently discursive meditation on history, on culture, and on the far-reaching, if sometimes hidden, connections between the past and the present. Kushner’s title character is a singular creation, and Wise responds with a searching performance of corresponding depth. She inscribes her portrayal of the Homebody with a vivid specificity that conveys the character’s personality, imagination, and sensibility. "

Debra Wise(AEA)

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Black Box Lab at Stage284
284 Bay Rd, Hamilton, 1982, MA, United States
Black Box Lab at Stage284
284 Bay Rd, Hamilton, 1982, MA, United States