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Whatever you have read is only a name --
Chandogya Upanishad
The Sanskrit word saundaryalipsā describes the urge we all have to move towards what appears beautiful, hinting that what is beautiful captures our complete attention. In fact, manohara - one of the many words for beauty in Sanskrit - translates literally to ‘remover of mind’, meaning that in experiencing beauty, we become captivated, our focus moves in one direction. When we drop the thoughts and fluctuations of the mind, we release tensions giving ourselves the ability to relax and to be present to the sensations of the moment, making the experience of beauty simultaneously relaxing, delighting, enthralling, stimulating, and inspiring!
Naturally we don’t want to observe the phenomenon of beauty outside of us, we want to embody beauty ourselves - we want to be beautiful. The Āyurvedic tradition describes three pillars of beauty: rūpaṁ, guṇaṁ, and vayastyag. Rūpaṁ refers to outer beauty of the physical form managed through care of the skin (and hair) on the outside as well as the inside of our bodies (think - the skin of our digestive tracts and deeper tissues!). Guṇaṁ is inner beauty indicated by sincerity of heart, purity of thought, and honesty of action; it is beauty in the state of mind and feeling. When these two are maintained properly, during śarīrayātrā - the journey or pilgrimage of the body in this physical life - vayastyag, or the everlasting, timeless beauty of consciousness, becomes your primary reality.
This course is on Āyurvedic / Vedic beauty philosophy and practice in contemporary times. Classes will:
*give insight into how the human physical and mental organism works based on Āyurvedic / Vedic philosophy, as well as 'modern science'
*share dietary, herbal, and lifestyle recommendations to purify the body/mind, improve digestion and bodily function, energy and immunity (rūpaṁ)
*teach practices to increase sattva - purity, clarity, and calmness - that set the foundation for your presence (guṇaṁ)
*include beauty 'tool' giveaways of all kinds (a la cleansing tools, oral care, herbs, spices, teas, recipes, oils, aromatherapy, yoga class passes, meditations, mantras, etc.)
*offer weekly 'challenges' with the intention of helping students practice kindness to body, trueness to heart, and harmoniousness with the world
As we take care of ourselves, our Self emerges, our presence becomes palpable. It is our presence that speaks the splendor and magnificence of absolute beauty louder than anything else.
Classes are 2 hours and begin promptly at 7PM
$40 drop-in or $225 for all six classes
Sign up in link or email info@skytingyoga.com to register
Feb 20: Āyurvedic Beauty / Digestion + Ojas
The radiance and charisma of universal beauty is reflected in vitality, creativity, serenity, joyfulness, fresh skin, clear shining eyes, lustrous hair, nails and teeth and an inner glimmer which Āyurveda describes as a phenomenon produced by a substance called ojas. Ojas is the glow of health from which you derive a strong, vibrant immune system. It enables all organs to operate intelligently and efficiently without disease by maintaining the physical body and impulses. Ojas is what gives the fortitude and appetite to sustain wholesome activity in our lives; it is the foundation of inner, outer and secret beauty and Longevity; it is Love. Though its subtly makes it immeasurable, Āyurveda describes Ojas as a biological substance that results as the end product of healthy digestion and metabolism. In this class, we will discuss:
*the concept of beauty (at large)
*Āyurveda’s approach to understanding beauty in the context of *our own body/minds
*the three pillars of rūpaṁ, guṇaṁ, and vayastag
*the process of digestion and its final product - the biological substance ojas
Feb 27: Rūpaṁ | The Concept of Āma + Tissue Layers
Āma is a special concept in Āyurvedic medicine named as the underlying cause of many health issues. When āma is present, rūpaṁ - outer beauty - will be compromised. Directly translated as ‘undigested material’, āma is toxic to the body/mind. Accumulated toxins result from weak metabolism due to improper diet, inadequate rest, chronic stress, and pollutants from the environment which gum up the channels, disturb organ function, and block flow of communication. In this class, we will learn:
*how āma forms
*signs and symptoms of āma
*how food develops into the 7 tissue layers, secondary tissues, and waste products of the body, giving insight into where metabolic function is disturbed by āma
*tongue, breath/body odor, hair/nails, eyes, skin examination for āma
*food, beverage, cosmetic, home and lifestyle products that congest elimination channels
diet, herbs and daily routines to begin removing toxic burden from the body
March 6: Rūpaṁ | The Concept of Agni + Perfecting Digestion / Food Rules
When living energy from food enters the body it makes the fires of metabolism called agni burn bright. Nutrients are extracted from food and what is deemed waste is removed in a timely manner before it can become āma. Agni is the digestive fire of the body/mind, enabling transformation, purification, and elimination. Strong digestion sets the stage for healthy tissues as well as the development of ojas. With little or no metabolic waste in the system, skin looks clear and radiant, hair is strong and lustrous, whites of the eyes are bright, gums are healthy pink, and teeth and nails are without defect. The mood is happy, we are smiling, laughing, and have a kind word for another. In this class, we will learn:
*the concept of agni as it relates to the physiology
*foods and spices to eat to rekindle agni
*the most important qualities of food, starting with Prana
*Āyurvedic Food Rules - HOW to eat, when, and why !
*introduction to Āyurvedic ‘cleansing’
March 13: Guṇaṁ | A Beautiful Mind / Breath, Motion, Sound
The same agni that manages digestion and transformation within the physical body also powers the mind to be intelligently disciplined to achieve inner beauty, guṇaṁ, the reflection of your mental state. Āyurveda teaches that you are in direct control of the way you feel, as well as how you perceive and project yourself back out into the world based on the actions (dietary, lifestyle) you take daily. Carefully maintaining metabolic fire allows you to perceive the world clearly, giving the ability to see things for what they really are and to extract valuable lessons from your experiences. In this class, we will discuss:
*the three gunas (mental qualities): sattva, rajas, and tamas
*gesture and voice to project harmony using the instrument of the body
*your present projection patterns through breath, bodily *movement and speech habits
*breath as a tool to identify and transform mental *state/projection with prānayama
*high quality sound currents (mantras) to change the frequency of the mental atmosphere to one that is attracted to and *communicating harmony, grace, and elegance
*techniques + meditations to take out the accumulated trash of the mind (mental āma)
March 20: Rūpaṁ | Circulation Channels / Waters of the Body
Āyurveda is based on the philosophy that everything in the perceivable world is a combination of the elements earth, water, fire, air and ether. Though all of the elements unite to compose the body/mind, the water element alone contributes to upwards of 60% of the adult human body! Āyurveda teaches that the first product of digestion is rasa or lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system is one of the most overlooked yet significant systems in the body. Its broad network travels throughout the body to remove waste from every cell while helping to regulate the immune system (your Identity!). If the lymph becomes congested as a result of stress, poor digestion, lack of exercise, toxicity, nutrition or sleep deficiencies the immune system will be unable to respond to the needs of the body in a timely fashion. In this class we will discuss:
*the qualities and structure of water
*Āyurvedic concept of waters of the body
*foods, herbs, lifestyle practice to decongest the lymphatic system
*inner/outer hydration
*Ayurvedic Lymphatic Massage technique for body and head (face)
*why sleep is so important to lymphatic/immune health and how to sleep well
March 27: Rūpaṁ | Special Care of Mouth, Throat, Nose, Ears, Eyes, Hands/Nails, Feet, Skin
This body is Mother Nature’s most precious gift to you; soon you will return it back to her. In the time being, it is your duty to keep it alive (not just living!), bustling with energy and clear communication, and healthy tissues to support a luminous radiance. In this final class, we will discuss special care of specific regions and parts of the body that can be given attention to build health and sustain beauty. Although Āyurveda discourages a ‘spot treating’ approach to health, nonetheless, it offers many solutions for ‘spots’ and specific disorders as symptoms present. General recipes for ‘home remedies’ to correct impurities of the mouth, throat, nose, ears, eyes, hands/nails, feet, and skin will be shared, along with recommendations and recipes for preventative care.

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