Appetite for Rock n' Roll Storytelling - June Edition

Wednesday  8 June  2016  8:00 PM
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Last update 09/06/2016

Run with the devil to a brand new Appetite for Rock n' Roll Storytelling. This month's storytellers are bound to blow your hair back even with all of the AquaNet in the air.

Join us at the Elbo Room for an evening of oral and audible debauchery!

Tales by:
Amanda Cohen, Geoff Crump, Rebecca Fass, Dane Kissel and Sara Stock

Music by:
The Limbos

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The Elbo Room
2871 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, 60657, IL, United States

Nancy McClelland Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 08/06/2016 16:56
Too much on my plate and I can't make it tonight... I'm sorry to miss it and hope to come to the next one! Have a blast.

Appetite for Rock n' Roll Storytelling Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 07/06/2016 20:20
In addition to our great Storytellers, we also have a killer band playing some diddies tomorrow night. Check out The Limbos. Ryan Miera writes songs on the keys. Donna Polydoros nails the bass in her walkin' boots, while Drew Current tries really hard not to mess up the beat. Geno Alesandrini and Sal Mascali raise their sweet, juicy brass to mock the Gods with their nasty fanfare (trumpet and trombone respectively). They rock super hard in Chicago, all the time, always.

Appetite for Rock n' Roll Storytelling Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 06/06/2016 03:35
Rounding out our Storytellers in June is the hilarious Sara Stock. Sara is from Orlando, FL, which is probably why she loves shitty ska and pop punk. A graduate of Second City Conservatory & iO, she's currently is writing and putting up sketch shows with her pals in Clandestine Beej and Rough Writers. For fun, she hangs with that beautiful bulldog, Charles, and slays with her music trivia team, Alice & 2Chainz. First concert: Luther Vandross and Kenny G (with her parents) First concert as a goddamn adult (when she was 14): Blink 182 & FenixTX

Appetite for Rock n' Roll Storytelling Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 05/06/2016 16:35
Our next Storyteller is great. He's the one who puts together our sweet promo clips. Meet Dane Kissel. Dane is from Southern Indiana and is the owner and operator of Reel Genuine Productions. He has shot videos for numerous comedians in the city including shows at Second City, IO, The Annoyance, and Zanies Comedy Club. He recently directed comedian Justin Golak's newest comedy special, Rosemary's Baby. After listening to nothing but country music until middle school, Dane found a completely different culture of music in something called Gangsta Rap. It started with Coolio and he's very embarrassed to say that he was introduced to Westside Connection WAY before knowing anything about N.W.A. First concert: George Straight when he was in elementary school. Then Reba McEntire. Then Alan Jackson. He fell asleep at every one of them because, well, it's Country Music. Appetite promo:

Appetite for Rock n' Roll Storytelling Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 04/06/2016 17:39
Let's meet another Storyteller. Meet Rebecca Fass! Rebecca hits the stage armed with great jokes,” says the Chicago Tribune, which is a big step up from the days when she used to just hit boys she liked on the playground. Her dry wit and smart, honest storytelling with a punch have made her a crowd favorite and a proud voice for unapologetic women in comedy. She can be seen performing all over Chicago, including the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival, MidwestFest, and on Sundays at the popular Tuxedo Cat Comedy showcase, where she has been a producer since 2013. Her first concert was the Everly Brothers at the Rock County Fair, 1987 or 1988. They were her dad's second favorite, after Buddy Holly.

Appetite for Rock n' Roll Storytelling Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 02/06/2016 14:47
Time to meet another Storyteller. Meet Geoff Crump! Geoff Crump dislikes writing bios. Just doesn't care for it at all. Never knows how to go about it, even though he has had to write many of them over the years. You'd think he would have a go-to stashed away somewhere, but no. Maybe life changes too much in between the times he needs a bio to keep a viable stand-by on hand. Maybe life doesn't change enough and the stagnate go-to bio would remind him of that over and over again. Maybe he just doesn't like talking about himself, although that is doubtful. I've heard him go on and on about himself. All damn night... it's exhausting. Anyway, Geoff Crump has been in Chicago for 11 years. Geoff Crump writes and performs. He co-founded sketch comedy groups Robot vs. Dinosaur and Crassus (the latter which he recorded a comedy album with). He currently performs with ComedySportz (CSz Theater Chicago) and Baby Wants Candy, The Improvised Musical with Full Band! He is also once again playing through Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. Geoff's first concert: Kenny Rogers Geoff's first concert without his parents: Aerosmith Twitter: @gwcrump
-- 02/06/2016 14:47
Remember Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. Someone stepped on the back of your shoe and it came off of your foot? You rocked out with one shoe the rest of the night. At one point you saw your shoe fly towards the stage "HEY! That's my shoe!" We lingered at the end of the show and totally found your trampled shoe. Memories!
-- 02/06/2016 14:47
Maybe I can help... on the way to a concert, Geoffrey threw a full box of baking soda into my car, wreaking havoc on my ability to drive. He also spent countless hours back stage at his high school recounting his adventures as a "fat guy in a little coat". He was and is an amazing example of friendship and his oldest friends miss the days when we were able to hang out. Geoff spells his name like a total moron, but his heart is grandeous!

Appetite for Rock n' Roll Storytelling Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 01/06/2016 21:46
Appetite is one week away! Meet our Storytellers. First up is Amanda Cohen. Amanda started doing comedy when she was 17 and after just 12 years she quit standup to pursue improv at the Second City Conservatory in Chicago. In that past life, Amanda played clubs and colleges across the upper midwest, including many great comedy clubs that don't exist anymore. After an epiphany in 2015, she remembered she was a comedian. She has showcased at Zanies, Laugh Factory, and other venues. Her influences include George Carlin, Paula Poundstone, and Dana Gould. She's performing in Chicago Women's Funny Fest on June 19th and she's been heard on the Doctor Demento show. First concert: Styx - Mr. Roboto tour Thank you very much, Amanda Cohen (sing that to Mr. Roboto, please!)
The Elbo Room
2871 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, 60657, IL, United States
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