Apollo 2

Saturday  13 January  2018  10:00 PM    Sunday  14 January  2018 1:00 AM
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Last update 15/01/2018

Apollo returns this January, Saturday the 13th for some more fighting game Action!


Games featured include Super Smash Brothers Melee and Wii U, Tekken 7, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Street Fighter V, AND MORE!

## Location

Moonbase Market:
Located in the heart of Soulard, the building contains a huge event space and a stage that will showcase feature matches. You can find us at 1921 S 9th St, Saint Louis, MO 63104. There is a parking lot across the street, and plenty of street parking in Soulard.

## Pricing*

$10 Early Venue Fee (Ends January 3rd)

$15 Regular Venue Fee (Starts January 4th)

$20 At the Door Registration

$10 Per Event Entry

However, discounts are available! You will be reimbursed $5 for bringing a setup. (Limit one setup per person, setup must include game console, monitor or TV, game with all relevant downloadable content, any necessary controller ports.)


Thanks to a generous donation from Team Black Sheep, Smash 4 Singles will have a $200 Pot Bonus!

## Schedule

Noon: Melee Doubles , Guilty Gear

2pm: Melee Singles, SV5

4pm: ARMS, Smash 4 Doubles, MvC : I

6pm: Smash 4 Singles, Tekken 7

8pm: SV3: 3rd Strike, UMvC: 3

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Moonbase Market
1921 S 9th Street, St. Louis, 63104, MO, United States
Moonbase Market
1921 S 9th Street, St. Louis, 63104, MO, United States