Animal Communication Class

Thursday  18 July  2019  9:00 AM    Thursday  18 July  2019 6:00 PM
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Please bring lunch, a notebook, a water bottle and a pair of slippers. The class will be held entirely indoors and we will not be physically interacting with animals.

| Cost of class $200

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Fredericton-20120903-00111It is possible to communicate with animals – and because I had to work so hard to learn this skill, I’ve become quite adept at helping others learn the art of animal communication.

In our deeper, Tao of Equus Emotional Healing clinic, we discovered that most people could hear the horses at the end of the first day. Then we were asked to create this course for the people who simply wish to hear the animals without doing the deeper horse work – and it has proven to be a resounding success with most of the participants being able to communicate with and “hear” their animal friends upon completion of this fun, magical workshop.

The key to animal communication is becoming still, learning to enter the heart space and then gaining confidence with what you hear. And there are some rules and ethics around it too that are really important. Scientists including Dr. Jane Goodall recognize that not only are animals communicating with us – but they understand everything we say, think and feel. In her remarkable movie, “When Animals Talk”, Jane and a fellow scientist follow the science which proves Animal Communication is real.

Animal communication has occurred for millenia across cultures but we lost this skill in recent generations. Come learn how to hear the animals again. It is well worth the time spent! In addition to teaching you how to hear the animals, I’ll be showing you how to dowse – to verify your results!

If this speaks to you – we hope you will decide to join us for this fun and fact filled day. Sign up with the registration button. You can also email with your payment

Class Agenda

  • Introductions – what brings you to class
  • Any recent animal sightings?
  • Explanation of animal “sightings” and dreams
  • My story and how animal communication works for me
  • Horses, Dolphins and whales as memory keepers for humans
  • Religious significance of horses
  • Animals’ level of consciousness vs. human level of consciousness (blue light)
  • Explanation of Holy Fire Reiki and how it will work with the class participants (if they WANT it to)


  • When to use Animal Communication (and when not to)
  • Safety
  • Death
  • Animal Abuse
  • Ethics of Animal Communication (the animal’s rights and our responsibility)
  • Free will; it’s not a magic bullet
  • What Animal Communication “looks”, “sounds” and “feels” like
  • Explanation of the four “clairs” clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient & claircognizant
  • Crystals that can help


How to communicate

  • The Pathway for animal communication & “hearing spiritual messages”
  • Being authentic (honesty; scent; voice)
  • Is there a difference with species?
  • Body language
  • What do you talk about? What don’t you talk about
  • How to include the owner in the conversation
  • How not to overthink; and how to tell if you are (ego vs. heart space)
  • The danger of projection
  • Gaining confidence with practice



  • Meditation with Holy Fire Reiki to remove any blocks or barriers
  • How to dowse
  • Determining WHO to talk to
  • Asking permission
  • Grounding and identifying what to talk about
  • Making a Heart Connection
  • Test heart space connection
  • First Communication exercise (living animal – distance)
  • Second Communication exercise (deceased animal)
  • Question & Answer
  • Wrap up prayer
  • Facebook group

My journey to hear the animals is outlined in the article published in the Reiki News magazine’s fall 2013 issue.

Click Horses that Heal to read it.

Reiki News Cover

Here’s another neat article on Hidden Brook Farm and Animal Communication, click on the magazine photo to read:

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