Andy Statman Trio

Saturday  17 December  2016  8:00 PM    Saturday  17 December  2016 11:00 PM
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A night of Bluegrass and Klezmer in Brooklyn.
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"There are those who know Andy Statman as the virtuoso klezmer clarinetist - violinist Itzhak Perlman, for instance, who chose Statman to lead his klezmer album. There are those who know Andy Statman as the down-home mandolin player with a stack of straight-up bluegrass albums to his credit. In Statman's versatile hands is a music that's full of surprises, sophisticated and completely accessible at once."
The New York Daily News

"One of the most influential musicians in modern acoustic music ... He helped invent the language of progressive bluegrass [and] went on to rediscover klezmer music and reintroduce it to the world."
The Rocky Mountain News

" ... One of the most important Jewish creative artists of the postwar era."
The Jerusalem Post
"One of the greatest mandolinists of this - or any - era ... He thinks at the speed of light and can play whatever he thinks of. As an improviser, he is fearless, and his musical vocabulary has no limitations." Chicago Tribune

"A master of two idioms linked only by their demand for virtuosity and their down-home origins ... " - The New York Times

"The one-of-a-kind Statman fuses the cross-picking of Jesse McReynolds with the atonal jabs of Albert Ayler, embodying like no other mandolinist jazz's 'sound of surprise.' " - Chicago Tribune

"Statman is an inspired clarinetist, whose ecstatic improvisations on Chassidic themes express the mystical nature of Judaism through wild flights and leaps into the unknown." - Bay Area Reporter

“He is impeccable in everything he does... He plays all the styles he plays with equal prowess. He’s a consummate musician. What more can I say?” - Paul Shaffer
"Statman's virtuosity has labeled him a genius by his peers." - The Village Voice

"He segues from bluegrass to jazz to klezmer faster than you can say 'multiculturalism.' " - New York Live

"Bill Monroe and John Coltrane poured into one person. .. He plays all those just great crazy jazz kind of licks, but with the heart and fire of Bill Monroe ... I don't know anyone else that approaches the mandolin the way he does."
Ricky Skaggs, NPR

"He stirs a mind-blowing blaze of mandolin ... blues licks have the energy of a Stevie Ray Vaughn speed run or trebly Hendrix bent-string crescendo, only unplugged ... " - Relix Magazine
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The gallery is part of Congregation Kol Israel. All profits go toward the restoration of our landmark building built in 1927.

Do a mitzva, rock and roll here on December 17 with The Andy Statman Trio.

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