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Venice to Downtown Los Angeles

Thu 30 January 2020
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Ride to downtown and back if you want, or jump on the train on the way back. You decide the distance and pace. See all of LA or most of it, ride from 48K up to 91K, you decide!. We will ride through many landmark places, historic sites, famous communities, and we will learn about their history and culture. This is the best way to experience the city and its very diverse communities. This tour is similar to our "Ride to the Beach" Tour. The only difference is that this tour starts in the Venice Beach area. We can start this tour from your hotel, all you have to do is email us to make arrangements.  
31/01/2020 Last update
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Venice Beach
location will be emailed, Los Angeles, 90291, CA, US

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