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Urban Ski 2020

From Fri 31 January 2020 to Mon 3 February 2020
5:00 AM - 3:00 PM

The 2020 Ski Party!  Date: January 31 - February 3, 2020 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $25 Deposit Per Person  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CALLING ALL: City Girls,  Fraternities,  Bucket Listers,  City Boys,  Haitians,  Jamaicans,  Birthday Crews  & Party People!! Come Witness The Biggest Super Bowl Party Known to         TENNESSEE!!!  COST: ~~ Quad (4) People In Room For $475.00 Per Person~~ ~~ Triple (3) People In Room For $499.00 Per Person~~ ~~ Double (2) People In Room For $545.00 Per Person~~ ~~ Single (1) Person In Room for $600.00~~  BOOK NOW!!!  And get Ready For The BIGGEST Ski Weekend Ever!!!!    PACKAGES INCLUDE:  3 Night Hotel Accomodations // Complimentary Breakfast //  White Celebrity Hosts Party // Super Bowl Party // Fifty Shades Pajama Party // Comedy Show, Spoken Word // 20+ Hours Of Free Mixed Drinks // & More...  UPGRADES & ADD ON's: Room Upgrade to Jacuzzi or Fireplace ($40) Per Person SKI Excursion $99.00 Combo Activities:                         Horseback & 3 Zip $55.00                                 Horseback & 6 Zip $74.00                         Horseback & ATV $89.99                        3 Zip & ATV $94.99                            6 ZIP & ATV $104.99             Horse, 3 Zip & ATV $115.95    Horse, 6 Zip & ATV $134.98   BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS:  One member of the group must complete the registration form based on the number of people in the room and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions. Please be certain that all group members have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions before registering.  The group leader will pay the $25.00 deposit for each member of the room. Example: For a quad ($25 X 4 People = $100.00). After the deposit is paid, each member is responsible to make an individual minimum monthly payment. Payments are due on the 15th of every month until package is paid in full. Payments made after the 18th will accrue a $25.00 late fee. All packages must be paid in full prior to the November 15th deadline. Any balance owed after the November 15th deadline will accrue an additional $100.00 Penalty fee and will also be at risk of forfeiture of all monies paid. To avoid having additional fees added to your package, we strongly suggest you pay it in full pryor to the deadline date.  Any member(s) gone 45 days or more delinquent will forfeit their package and all monies paid. We will revise the package price to reflect the occupancy of all nondeliquent roommates. Example: (If the group leader registered 4 members and only 3 members are nondeliquent, the package price will be revised to a Triple Occupancy).   PayPal is the preferred payment processor. If not familiar with PayPal, visit for instructions on usage and fees associated. PayPal charges a 2.9% + 0.30 for each transaction.   It is extremely important for the group leader to fill out the registration form listing everyone's full names, as it appears on their ID, Email Address and Phone number accurately for administrative purposes.   URBAN SKI WEEKEND IS ALWAYS ON SUPER BOWL WEEKEND...   TERMS & CONDITIONS All deposits and payments are nonrefundable as result of contractual obligations with our various vendors. There will be NO REFUNDS. You may, however, resell your package to another person. YOU CANNOT TRANSFER MONEY TO SOMEONE ELSE WITHIN THAT GROUP OR ANY OTHER GROUP. It is your responsibility to resell your package and provide US notification in writing with the replacement name. Payments must be made monthly to keep your reservation secured.  Travel insurance is available for purchase. For information or to purchase trip cancellation insurance, visit Certain restrictions apply and you have 15 days to purchase the travel insurance after making your initial deposit. Travel insurance is the only sure way to protect your funds in the event of emergencies.   DISCLAIMER Travels "R" US assumes that you are a well-informed consumer and are reviewing the above-mentioned information before booking. Additionally, we are aware that this information may differ from that of most travel companies. The difference is due to our unique services provided; therefore, a different level of responsibility is required from our consumers.   FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT US:  PHONE: (407) 219-0388          EMAIL: TRAVELSRUSLLC@GMAIL.COM          
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04/02/2020 Last update
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303 Henderson Chapel Road, Pigeon Forge TN, 37863, US

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