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Secrets to Meditation in Fremont - An Introduction to The Happiness Program (Alvarado Blvd)

Sat 18 January 2020
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Discover the power of your breath to manage your mind and experience instant peace & calm.Join a 90-MINUTE FREE WORKSHOP and get a glimpse of the Sudarshan KriyaTM-  The breathing technique that is revolutionizing the lives of millions. WHAT YOU’LL DISCOVER AT ‘BEYOND BREATH’ ✔ A taste of the Sudarshan KriyaTM, a BREATHING TECHNIQUE taught in the Happiness Program ✔ An instant energy booster that AWAKENS & RELAXES YOUR MIND - Take it home and practice daily! ✔ The peace & calm of a UNIQUE GUIDED MEDITATION ✔ Secret keys to MANAGE YOUR MIND ✔ The power of surrounding yourself with POSITIVE, LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE. MASTER THE POWER OF BREATH TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE No breath = No life  What was the first act of our life? Breathing in..  What will be the last act of our life? Breathing out.. And in between is what we call life... Every single day, WE BREATHE IN 10,000 LITERS OF AIR! Breath has the ability to PURIFY OUR BODY, MIND, AND EMOTIONS -  We eliminate 70% of toxins through the breath. But we use only 30% of our lung capacity! The quality of our life is determined by the way we breathe. _But learn nothing about our breath! _ You can use your breath to MASTER YOUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS - THE KEY TO MANAGING THE QUALITY OF YOUR DAY. THROUGH THE SUDARSHAN KRIYATM, a science-backed, rhythmic breathing technique taught in the Happiness Program, you can: * Tap into a RESERVOIR OF ENERGY and use it as you please! * Relieve DEEP-ROOTED STRESSES AND ANXIETIES  * UPLEVEL YOUR PRODUCTIVITY * Overcome EMOTIONAL BLOCKS, MOVE ON FROM PAST EVENTS AND SHED LIMITING BELIEFS * Heal your body & gain POWER OVER YOUR MIND * Experience THE TRUE STATE OF MEDITATION Learn more about the Happiness Program & the Sudarshan KriyaTM in our free workshop 'Beyond Breath'. To allow the best meditation environment for all, we kindly ask to avoid bringing children younger than 13 years to the event. FAQS HOW CAN I CONTACT THE ORGANIZER WITH ANY QUESTIONS? Please contact Mala Hariharan
19/01/2020 Last update
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alvarado blvd 32611
union city, 94587, ca, us

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