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San Francisco 1-Day Public Speaking Training Workshop - February 27, 2020

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Thu 27 February 2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Once you complete this program you will be able to: * Name and apply the 7 physical and vocal skills of Executive Presence while presenting (from both a standing and seated position) * Understand where to position yourself in the room while presenting from standing or seated (with and without visual aids) * Know how to engage an audience using your physical skills, vocal skills, and visual aids * Deliver a clear and concise viewpoint (sharing your opinion on a topic in 30 seconds or less) using a formula we will teach you * Answer questions directly and buy yourself ‘thinking time’ during Q&A using two skills we will teach you   This is a 1-Day open-enrollment public speaking program covering the physical and vocal skills of presenting (Executive Presence), organizing and structuring an effective message (Message Organization), how to deliver from both standing and seated (Delivery), and how to answer questions directly during Q&A or manage questions that come as a challenge or an attack (Q&A). All skills will be practiced as you deliver from your own PowerPoint or presentation. Over the course of the day you will be videotaped 3 times with active, in-the-moment coaching followed by video self-review. This process builds skills quickly and makes them relevant to you specifically. Download Program Outline: []   What do others have to say about this program? * “It was incredibly eye opening and instructive. I always thought I was an okay presenter until you see how much more room there is for growth. I learned a great deal from this training.” – Account Supervisor * “I thought that it was an excellent training. I really liked the coaching in the moment and video recordings. It was a productive use of my time.” – Talent Director * “It exceeded all expectations! Super helpful for organizing my message and understanding presentation do’s and don’ts.” – CEO * “Really showed me what I need to focus on and gave me some structure and techniques to help my presentation. I was very nervous at first but grew more comfortable.” – Lead Program Specialist
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