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Get Moving with GitHub Actions

From Mon 10 August 2020 to Tue 11 August 2020
0:00 AM - 0:00 AM

GITHUB IS NO LONGER JUST A PLACE TO STORE YOUR CODE. That’s a good thing, because the work doesn t end after code has been pushed or merged. There are unit tests to execute, linting to run, and deployments to push. With GITHUB ACTIONS, you can perform any of these activities based on the events you define. Join us in this session for a conversation on GITHUB ACTIONS AND TAKE YOUR REPOSITORIES TO THE NEXT LEVEL!WATCH THE LIVE STREAM HERE: [] Presenters: Christopher Harrison,, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Luis Bosquez,, Program Manager 2, Microsoft
12/08/2020 Last update
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McAllister Street, SF, California, USA

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