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Good Friday Date Night In

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Fri 10 April 2020
4:30 PM - 7:00 PM

PLEASE SELECT MAKE SURE TO SELECT YOUR ENTREE: **** Boneless King’s Meat Short Rib With A Carmelized Onion Jus **** Salmon Filet With A Caper Prawn Sauce **** Chicken Stuffed With Parmesan And Braised Spinach **** Stuffed Pepper With Couscous, Eggplants and Chef’s Blend Of Mushrooms On A Basil Marinara _EACH ENTREE INCLUDES_- * Three Grain Rice Pilaf * Roasted Seasonal Vegetables * Classic Caesar Salad * Sourdough Bread * Frank Vilt’s Surprise
11/04/2020 Last update
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main street 444
old town grill, placerville, 95667, ca, us

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