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Agave Spirits - Exploring different spirits of Mexico

Tue 21 January 2020
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Lets raise up our glasses and drink fine Mexican SPIRITS! Salud ! Agave based spirits (Mezcal and Tequila) are possibly the most mysterious and misunderstood of all the spirits on any back bar. On one hand, tequila it is the main component of what is arguably THE most popular cocktail in history, the Margarita. On the other hand, when served neat, or as the more popular 'shot', it is often the most feared of all the spirits. This class serves to clear up many of the misunderstandings regarding these beautiful spirits. To do so we'll explain: * Defining differences between the agave spirit categories * How the categories have evolved over time * The whole process of how Mezcal and Tequila has been made for over two centuries * We will discuss the subtle differences between tequilas and mezcal's from different parts of Mexico and explore the life of agave as it grows from rhizome to pina; * Please bring an physical ID ( Photocopies and pictures are not valid ) *Registration is non-refundable within 1 week of the class date. *You will receive an email registration confirmation after making your purchase. *Classes are for people aged 21 and over. *Plan ahead for transport. Do not drink and drive. *Discover spirits responsibly, please eat before you arrive. GIFT CARDS *If you have a Beverage Academy gift card or would like to purchase one contact *If you would like to purchase this class as a gift for someone you will have the option to add the recipients name to the class list after you make your purchase. For further information please contact:
22/01/2020 Last update
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