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The 4 Steps to a Radical Relationship Rejuvenation-BE

Wed 12 August 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

In This Online Presentation * You'll find what brought your RELATIONSHIP TO WHERE IT IS TODAY AND WHY IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. * You'll discover how to get your RELATIONSHIP BACK ON TRACK WITHOUT participation of your partner * And you will set yourself up for overcoming any relationship obstacle you may face in the future. Discover the 4 STEPS TO A RADICAL RELATIONSHIP REJUVENATION and turn your RELATIONSHIP INTO A LOVE BASED RELATIONSHIP with or without your spouse in this Seminar (Free Event) Wednesday August 12th @ 1 pm PST. REGISTER NOW to unleash full control over your relationship, shed old habits, triggers and nagging behavior without therapy or even your partners participation. * This is a FREE ONLINE EVENT. The are NO COSTS, but seats are limited. ** You will receive an email with a Zoom link after your registration confirmation. P.S.: You may wonder who I am: I am Arno Koch, The Mind Engineer. I am a Master Practitioner in NLP, Mental and Emotional Release© and a Hypnotherapist. The focus of my work lies on RELATIONSHIP COACHING. This Online Seminar entails my own RELATIONSHIP JOURNEY FROM SABOTAGING RELATIONSHIPS TO LIVING AN AMAZING LIFE WITH MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY AND THE STEPS YOU NEED TO TAKE TO TURN YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIP AROUND, even without the participation of your spouse. Feel free to contact me beforehand for any questions:
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