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4 Day Sacred Medicines Celebration Retreat

From Thu 6 August 2020 to Sun 9 August 2020
5:00 PM - 12:00 PM

Hello Medicine Family! We want to invite you to this Sacred Medicine Celebration Ceremony taking place on August 6th - 9th in Santa Barbara Area- The Ceremony includes 4 different medicine ceremonies. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Please DO NOT make any deposits until you have spoken to us to make sure you have gotten a clear picture of what the event entails.*** ------------------------------------------------------------------ We ask for an Ayni of $675 - 4 circles: 1 Sacred Mother Ayahuasca Ceremony 1 Sacred Father San Pedro Ceremony 1 Sacred Father Sapito/Toad Ceremony 1 Sacred Grandfather Peyote Ceremony OPTIONAL Kambo Ceremony Additional Hapé and Sananga circles We also will have Hindu-Shamanic Breathwork and a safe space for your Integration. This will be a camping retreat. A few facts we'd like to share about the ceremony: --We will offer a basic setting and a safe space for the ceremony rituals --The Medicines can show us that which is within us that needs to be healed and aligned (Patterns of thought and behavior that are not serving us) but it won't do the work for you. --This is not a fix-it ticket. Sacred Medicines are tools that contain a Live-essence/spirit that allow us to see and teaches us how to overcome the internal barriers in this life, Our life.. --These ancient allies help us to initiate the process into knowing ourselves more deeply and with more clarity. --This is an opportunity to answer the medicine calling: if you have been called by the medicines to South America before but cannot travel for extended periods of time due to time or money constraints. --The reciprocity (Ayni) requested is to cover the expenses of the setting, services and the Medicine. Value is attributed to the Breathwork initiations as well as the medicine facilitation --The Shamans and facilitators are not superhuman, they are men and women just like you however they do have many years of experience serving the medicine, working directly with other Shamans and continuously developing their relationships with the Medicines --We will provide guidance and hold space for you --We do not worship any Shamans or deities, We believe we are the Shamans in our lives. Some have started this path earlier than others however we are all equal in potential Follow your feelings, emotions and knowledge and if this Event speaks to you, you are more than welcome to join us! FAQs Who is the organizing party? Pachamama Sacred Medicines - ADACEMO How do I prepare for the Ceremony? Once you have reserved your spot you will get a detailed email with a few documents that explain important aspects of your preparation: "Dieta", Intention, "Ofrenda", the explanation of each medicine and tips for the participants Please contact US at or call/text 408.930.0004 and we will answer all your Questions and give you the details of the event. ***Again, Please do not make any deposits until you have spoken to us to make sure you have gotten a clear picture of what the event entails.*** Munay Munay Munay Organizer Pacha Mama Sacred Medicines Organizer of 4-Day Sacred Medicine Retreat (Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Sapito, Peyote) Organizer Website Website
10/08/2020 Last update
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Pachamama Sacred Medicines
Pine, San Franscisco, 94102, CA, US

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