Akashic Records Foundation Class

Saturday  24 February  2018  10:00 AM    Sunday  25 February  2018 2:00 PM
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Hello Lightworkers, Healers, Empaths, Life Coaches, Holistic Arts practitioners and Visionary Entrepreneurs!

Have you been drawn to the world of Akashic Records? Curious about how this powerful "truth tool" can guide you on your ascension journey into creating your souls greatest destiny with more clarity, ease and grace?

Take your next action step to expand your souls gifts more fully, deepen your intuition skills and partner with your Higher Self to bring more Joy and abundance in your life now!

I have created this new Akashic Records Foundation Class to provide you with an empowering new foundation for your souls evolution into the 5th dimensional consciousness.

In this class you will receive 9 hours of instruction, processes and direct experience. You will leave this class feeling more empowered, clear and with tools to provide inner support.

Learn about the history of the Akashic Records and how they can provide you with your souls truth, wisdom, and clarity to give you the best guidance for your souls path.

Experience the energy of the Akasha by opening your own Records and discovering the clearest methods of communication using your spiritual gifts.

Expand your light consciousness and personal vibration into the 5th dimension.

Learn how to partner with your Higher Self and Akashic Guidance Team to manifest your soul's mission in 2018.

Experience the difference between information from your own intuition and information from your Akashic Records.

This class will include new command intention statements to create a strong inner foundation to consistently working with your Higher Self and Akashic Guides to:

*Increase your inner support foundation
*Develop healthy boundaries and take responsibility for others
*Discover your intuitive skills and how to work with them
*Working with your pyramid of light
*Aligning and working with your Teams of Light to expand your manifestation abilities in the 5th dimension.
*Accessing your Soul Blueprints and activating the energies of Peace, Love, Joy, Bliss and high level frequencies

Add this powerful tool to your current healing modality or coaching practice to take your results to a new powerful level of truth for your clients.

*Includes your PDF Akashic Records EBook
*TAN Access Prayer
*Additional Healing Prayers
*Recorded Class Audio
*Level One Certification with the LIght Leaders Academy
*Private facebook community group
* (2) follow Question & Answer calls for additional support

Attend In Person - Atlanta GA or via Zoom Video Conference

Student testimonials

I had the pleasure of attending the Akashic Record Practitioner Light Certification course in October 2017 with Laura Hosford. The class was phenomenal! It was filled with information, practice activities, excellent materials, resources and the beautiful energy of Laura. The environment was welcoming and soothing to the spirit on all levels. Integrating what I have learned into my current work is something that I am excited about. Laura clearly helped me see how feasible and relevant that will be. Truly there are no words to cover what a fantastic teacher Laura is. I have attended many classes in the past and this was one of the best!
Lisa Thex
Psychic/Medium/Pranic Healing Energy Worker

Good morning everyone!
This past weekend I had the pleasure to meet and take the Akashic Records Light Practitioner with Laura Hosford. I have a been a spiritual teacher for almost 20 years, after taking several training and workshops I think I have ‘an eye’ (or a heart) to recognize a good teacher. Laura is one of them! She knows what she is taking and teaching about, most important, she teaches from her heart. When her aura appeared to me it was bright white! I have seen only seldom times an aura like her. The workshop was light and at the same time very profound. She was very patience, clear, professional and humble
I will recommend her workshop in a heart beat! Thank you Laura, it is a blessing to have in my life. Zureya

I took Laura’s Akashic Records Light Certification Class and was amazed by the experience. Laura quickly leads you through the course material and helps you understand how to connect with the records, how to discern the information you receive, and how to be open to the energies. I am grateful for her patient guidance and the knowledge I gained through this class. I highly recommend attending the class to those that are trying to connect and raise their vibration. Wonderful class and wonderful teacher! With love and gratitude, Jennifer Stone

“This new class material and the new prayer included in the Akashic Records Light Practioner Course is really awesome. I was certified in the Akashic Records by Laura earlier and decided to retake the class with the new information and prayer. The next day I did a reading. The client loved the information and the new prayer seemed to provide more clarity in accessing the records.” Renee Pedigo

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