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Saturday  17 March  2018  7:30 PM    Saturday  17 March  2018 11:00 PM
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Witness the prelude to the spring, and feel the fallout of Hero's Celebration IV! Just who is, Destined for Greatness! ACE Nation we return to Bogota, New Jersey on Saturday night March 17th to see the next chapter in American Championship Entertainment. Mike Donovan shocked the wrestling world, and is your new ACE Heavyweight Champion. Donovan used his Chance of a Lifetime Rumble opportunity, and went for the biggest dog in the fight by ending Danny Maffs 3rd ACE Heavyweight title reign. Donovan has vowed that he is officially "That Guy". Witness Mike Donovan for the first time as ACE Heavyweight Champion on Saturday March 17th. In addition to that we can confirm the winner of the 4th Hero's Cup; Adam Payne. Payne went through the most emotional and grueling night of his career to make history. What is the next building block for the man known as "The Wall". Plus what is the next part of the Hardcore path, for Stockade? Has the "Devils Outlaw" been silenced, or is he once again refocusing on claiming his kingdom? ACE Nation its all this and more on Saturday night March 17th, in Bogota New Jersey!

Scheduled to appear:

-Diamond Division Champion, Adam Payne
-"The Devils Outlaw" Stockade
-"The Puertorican Powerhouse" Astro Morales
-The Duke Boys
-The Punk Relics
And so many more!

Tickets available at

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240 Leonia Ave, Bogota, NJ 07603-1425, United States
Leonia Avenue 240, Bogota, 7603, New Jersey, United States

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-- 07/03/2018 03:06

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-- 07/03/2018 00:30
Familiar foes, and different Moral will meet on March 17th! ACE Nation at Destined for Greatness in Bogota NJ, it will be The Dukes vs Prince Akkanatan & Ultimo Maya. While these 2 teams have faced before, bare in mind this is a showcase for the future. Both teams will be looking for a win in order to gain huge momentum in Battle Bowl in April. These 2 have went to war in the past, now with title implications on their minds who knows how far they will go. Its the Duke Boys taking on the Golden Showers, all with the road leading to the tag team titles, & all this happens at Destined for Greatness!

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-- 05/03/2018 17:52
The Punk Relics may have their biggest challenge to date. The Punks have had a string of wins, since debuting at CrossRoads 13. These young kids out of Long Island have proven that they will do anything it takes to get a win, & win over the ACE Nation more and more. Now these 2 have had their reputation trickle to the otherside of the river. On March 17th, at ACE Destined for Greatness, it will be the Punk Relics VS. The GOAT. The GOAT is reverred as a top New York tag team, and are no easy customer to anyone who tries them in the 5 boroughs. Now the GOAT step into ACE to see if they are Destined for Greatness. Its NY vs NY inside the garden state, its the incumbant VS an establishment. Witness this and much more March 17th!

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-- 03/03/2018 02:13
The "A-Lister" Alvin Alvarez has impressed ACE Management after his recent showing in the Hero’s Cup. While Alvin did not make it to the finals, he was within an eye lash of doing so. With that said it will be ACE Diamond Division Champion, Adam Payne taking on Alvin Alvarez at Destined for Greatness. Its his first official defense, & he's coming off the heels of his most emotional win ever, after winning the 4th Hero's Cup. Talk about pressure! And speaking of pressure, Alvarez has a chance to capture the Diamond Division title against the man who bested him in the Hero's Cup! ACE Nation witness these two competitors Destiny on March 17th!

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-- 02/03/2018 01:11
The dynasty makes it's debut! Lance Anoa’i makes his debut in American Championship Entertainment, March 17th is day, & ACE: Destined for Greatness is the platform. Lance comes from a long standing, widely heralded heritage in pro wrestling. ACE Nation we can not only confirm this huge debut but, we can announce it will be Lance Anoa’i taking on ACE's own Astro Morales. You have to believe the “Puerto rican Powerhouse" is seeing this as a huge opportunity if he can pull of the win. Astro is easily one of ACE's most popular stars, and almost won the Hero's Cup. Both men are looking to get their footing in the ACE rankings, both Destined for Greatness on March 17th!

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-- 28/02/2018 01:11
Vince Steele. Danny Pagan. The End! It's the final chapter in a bitter rivalry dating back to CrossRoads. Danny Pagan answered Vince Steeles open challenge back in December, & almost laid waste to Vince Steele. Though Vince was able to conquer Pagan on ACEs biggest stage. Though after the match Steele assaulted Pagan with multiple splashes to his ribs, sending him to the hosptial. Though when Steele defended his Diamond Division title against Adam Payne in January, it was Danny Pagan laying a distraction giving Payne an opportunity for victory. Steele has been seething since, & now wants to send Pagan back to the hospital but this time make sure he stays. March 17th, is where Destiny leads these two men to the end!

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-- 27/02/2018 15:02
While it always is, ACE Nation the Heavyweight Championship has been a huge topic of discussion as of late. First Mike Donovan shocked New Jersey by ending Dan Maffs 3rd history making run, but now his first challenger has emerged. Stockade feels as if it wasn't for him Donovan would have never been able to best Maff. Stockade even went on a rampage looking for Donovan all over Brooklyn, but come March 17th he won't have to look far. It's been made official as Bogota, New Jersey will host Mike Donovans first official Heavyweight Title defense against Stockade. Can Donovan prove he isn't a fluke to a fresh "Devil's Outlaw"? Or will Mike Donovan continue to be "That Guy"? ACE Nation tickets are available now at
240 Leonia Ave, Bogota, NJ 07603-1425, United States
Leonia Avenue 240, Bogota, 7603, New Jersey, United States
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