The 6th Annual OTR Raildog Parade!

Sunday  9 December  2018  12:00 PM    Sunday  9 December  2018 5:00 PM
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Last update 10/12/2018

It's back! Once again, it is time for OTR to have its own little canine-oriented, urbanista holiday promenade. Let's show the rest of the Greater Cincinnati area that we TOO have dogs here in OTR (and lots of 'em)! Yesiree, let's pull ourselves up from our own plucky bootstraps, dress up our canines in their finest holiday finery, and have a rootin' tooting' parade! Originally an homage to our streetcar (yay, "rails"!!)), we will begin this year's fest at Queen City Radio, where people will have the opportunity to grab a burger and a beer (or two) to sustain them for the "long haul" across OTR. From there we will saunter around Washington Park and then over on 14t, Vine and 13th Streets--concluding at the Second Sunday on Main winterfest celebration edition. Dogs from all over the city will be ready to howl, as will their owners. Let's kick off the Holiday season on a high note for both us, as well as our dog and dog-like companions. Stepping off from Queen City Radio at 2:00 pm. Spread the word. Tell all your friends! Tell all your enemies! Hell, even tell your FRENEMIES!! PRIZES COURTESY OF OUR GENEROUS SPONSOR ROVER THE RHINE WILL BE AWARDED AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE PARADE

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