32nd Annual Summer 2019 Hypnotherapy NLP training

Thursday  11 July  2019    Saturday  27 July  2019
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Last update 20/05/2019

Recurring event

“When I took Jack’s class, I had about 400 hours of hypnosis and NLP training and 5 years of private practice experience. I was wondering if he could teach me anything new.
His dialogues and his teachings brought me clarity and insight about how to live my life as well as how to practice hypnotherapy with great love and wisdom.
I definitely recommend this training.You will learn far more than just hypnotherapy when you study with Jack. He takes you on a journey of self discovery!”
—Ugo T., Clinical Hypnotherapist/NLP Practitioner

32nd annual Summer Certification Training with Jack Elias, author, Finding True Magic.

Full details here: http://bit.ly/2AxBmjv

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy NLP is a radical synthesis of Eastern and Western views and techniques applied to the art and discipline of transformative communication.

Dynamic rapid change techniques combine insights from Buddhism, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psychosynthesis, Socratic Inquiry, Kashmir Shaivism, and Non-dual Advaita Vedanta.
You will learn to short circuit the mind of confusion and activate the Mind of All-Accomplishing Wisdom and Success!

"Take a training with Jack Elias. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or what you think you know.”
—Paul Skavland, CHT, Master NLP Practitioner

The Summer 2019 Hypnotherapy NLP Certification Training weaves together:

Depth Hypnosis
Regression Therapy
Past Life Therapy
Inner Child Healing & Maturation
Subpersonality and Archetypal Transformational processes
Phobia & Trauma Clearing
Neurolinguistic Programming
Ericksonian Hypnosis
Quantum Hypnosis
Entity Releasing
Shadow Work
Comprehensive Treatment Planning
and much more!

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